Machines and equipment for assembly support

The automotive assembly implies special requirements time and again. We design special purpose machines for process optimisation.

Wiring harness heating

Wiring harnesses are often produced in factories that are several thousand kilometres away from the automobile manufacturer’s plant. During the long transport times the cable harnesses may cool down considerably before they arrive at the assembly line. The copper and plastic of the cables becomes stiff, which makes them difficult to install into the car.

To facilitate the installation, we developed heating units for heating the harnesses before assembly. They consist of heating units that can be connected in series.

The wiring harnesses are heated by a jet of hot air. We developed special harness bags, which enable and support the entry and flow of heated air.

Assembly tables for bumpers

Car bumpers are large injection moulded components, which show great flexibility after their removal from the mould.  Front bumpers need to be equipped with grills, headlights, trim strips and sensors. This is achieved by clipping in each individual component. To prevent the bumper from yielding during this process, counter pressure needs to be applied at particular points.

Therefore we developed assembly tables for bumpers that can be automatically set to any given contour of the bumper.

Trolleys for bumpers

Our trolleys make sure that the painted, flexible bumpers are transported free of damage. They are lined with special-purpose textiles that prevent the bumper from scratches.