• 1972: Dipl.-Ing. Siegfried Pertramer founded a company for the construction of windsurfing boards.
    The business activity focused on the development and production of windsurfing boards plus accessories. The majority of the production technologies used have been adopted from aircraft construction, the industry Siegfried Pertramer worked in before he founded the company. This involved mainly production processes in which laminates made of optical fibre, carbon / Kevlar, vacuum-sandwich and honeycomb structures were used. In addition, the first metal products, plastic injection moulding products and sewn textile products were produced.
  • 1983: Foundation of the company Lipsticks Sportprodukte GmbH, a name which is composed of the words “lip” (the breaking part of the wave) and “sticks” (surf boards).
    Manufacturing of custom-made windsurfing boards and harnesses, purchase of the first industrial sewing machines
    First production partners were acquired in Taiwan, Korea and China.
  • 1987: The company relocated from Munich to Dachau.
  • 1992: Within the production of sports equipment, several lifestyle products and accessories were manufactured for renowned clients, such as BMW or KUKA. This led to the company’s first contact with the automotive industry, which became a customer for textile products for use in automotive assembly afterwards. The first textile packaging for automotive parts was produced.
  • 1998: The manufacturing of surf boards and other sports items was discontinued and the production portfolio refocused towards industrial assembly.
  • 2006: Foundation of Lipsticks Alltech SRL in Brasov, Romania
  • 2012: Establishment of the business area for the development of special purpose machines for use in serial assembly in automotive manufacturing.
  • 2013: Moritz Pertramer joins Lipsticks.

Today, Lipsticks develops and produces a broad range of products for assembly support in industrial manufacturing. Our main field of expertise are harness assembly systems and reusable transport protection systems for automotive parts.