Protective covers

To prevent damage to the vehicle and to the components, different protective covers are used during vehicle assembly. This can eliminate the need for time-consuming and costly reworking.

The covers are made of foam-lined materials ranging from genuine leather to antistatic synthetic leather.

Protective covers for assembly processes

We develop protective covers tailored to each model range to protect sensitive body and interior components during serial assembly.

Car body parts, such as front and rear bumpers, side panel and wing are covered during serial assembly. For interiors, they are often used to protect the centre console, arm rest, seats, carpet and screen panels.

Protective covers for load carriers

During loading into and unloading from carriers, such as pallet cages, sensitive components are often damaged due to contact with, for example, metal. For this purpose, we developed several covers, which absorb impacts by means of padding and thus prevent damages to the component.

Protective covers for assembly tools

Many damages to vehicles are the result of accidental collisions with tools during assembly. To prevent, for example, scratches caused by cordless screwdrivers, we developed various covers for batteries.