Sequence assembly compartments / Compartments

For automotive assembly, the required components are pre-sequenced at the assembly line. We develop individually configured transport boxes with numbered shelf compartments for every component. Depending on the size and properties of the component, we use different materials.

Plastic panel compartments

These compartments are primarily used for side window panes. We enhance them with deep-drawn plastic profiles to guide the panes and secure them in position.

Textile compartments

The frames for our textile compartments consist of screwed profile pipe systems or welded steel constructions.

For the textile part of the compartment, we use materials tailored to the component properties. These properties can be, for example, paint, shock or electrostatic sensitivity.

Materials used: Polyester fabric with PVC-coating on both sides (antistatic / ESD-capable, where applicable), non-woven materials in various weight categories (antistatic / ESD-capable, where applicable), jersey material flocked on both sides (gentle on the paintwork).